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Tailor-made solutions for your unique business needs. Is your business outgrowing generic software solutions? With cutting-edge tech and expertise, we propel your business into advanced applications securing your edge in today's market.

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AppsCo is led by Norwegian founders with a strong track record of delivering resources to the technology market.

At our development center in Belgrade, Serbia, we have a dedicated team of tech-savvy engineers who bring custom IT solutions that align with the client's business objectives for unmatched results.

Models of Collaboration

We offer a full development team to handle your project needs, from Planning to Deployment with accurate estimations.

Project-based team

This team is designed to provide best-in-class software development professionals and experts on a medium to long term basis.

Dedicated team


Our custom-made IT software solutions and project-based development services are designed to meet your unique business needs, providing effective and efficient solutions to propel your company forward.

Tailored IT solutions to meet your specific needs

Efficient and effective development process for your projects

Bringing innovative ideas to life!

From a single concept in your mind to fully functional solutions on our server and user desks.

We design, develop, deliver, and support the best-of-breed solutions that fit your specific needs and ideas. We have worked with startups and established companies to convert product ideas into reality.

What we can do for you
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Full-stack development
  • App development
  • Quality Assurance

What makes us

  • Tailor-made team
  • Flexibility: Start small, grow fast, and scale your team as needed.
  • Protect your IP - A buyout option can be made for your legal setup
  • Improve business processes by implementing identity, data protection, AI, Machine learning - blockchain services
Benefit for the Customer
Benefit for the Employee
  • State-of-the-art offices
  • Private health insurance
  • Events and socials
  • Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Competitive salary

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One of the most fast growing companies in Norway which when it comes to digitizing the rental process of machines, combined how to make it easy to learn using new machines and document the training. The offering is a unique web-based tool for comprehensive machine learning.

Modern and user-friendly competency management tool with many convenient features for efficient planning of employees competence development.

Innovative solution which represents the next generation of corporate analytics on how to measure organizational culture based on strengths. Offering a web-based tool for mapping the company culture in organizations.

We have been reliable partner and have contributed to many different projects:

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